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Summer 2

This half term our topic is 'Wish you were here!'  The children will be looking at a range of holiday destinations. They will be thinking how they would be able to get to their destinations too. 

Foundation Stage Sports Day will be held on Tuesday 3rd July at 9.30am. All welcome to attend. 

Summer 1

This half term the children have loved learning all about dinosaurs! They have been finding out various facts about them and even had one visit the classroom! We also went on our school trip to Cannon Hall Farm. The children had a great time, and some even witnessed a lamb being born! 

Spring 1 - People who help us!

This half term the children will be learning all about People who help us. There will be visitors coming into school and a trip out to Mytholmroyd Fire Station. Click here to see the Newsletter.

Autumn 2 - Celebrations!

This half term we are looking at 'Celebrations'. The children will be learning all about different celebrations, for example, birthdays, Divawli and Christmas! We will also be practising our play which we have chosen to do a play called, 'Robin's so excited!'. It is all about a Robin who is so excited that it is snowing! Click here to see the Newsletter.

robins so excited

Autumn 1

This half term we have been learning all about ourselves. The children have been getting back into the routine and the Reception children have been busily showing the new Nursery children around our unit.
To find out what we are up to click here to see our newsletter!

Forest school adventures!

Summer 2

This half term our topic is 'Traditional Tales'. We are really enjoying listening to a variety of traditional tales, such as, 3 Little Pigs, 3 Billy Goats Gruff, The Gingerbread Man and Little Red Riding Hood. The children have loved re-telling the stories in their own words, sequencing stories, making story maps and role-playing with friends. We know that traditional tales start with 'Once upon a time' and usually end with 'Happily Ever After'. Here are some photographs of us from this half term.

Click here to see our Summer 2 News letter.

Once upon a time...

Summer 1

This half term our topic is 'Under the Sea!' Each week the children's learning will be based on a story. We will be learning facts about sea creatures as well as making up our own.

Sealife Centre - Manchester

On Wednesday 10th May, the Foundation Unit are going to the Sealife Centre. The children are going to be able to explore the aquarium and find out lots of wonderful facts all about different sea creatures.

Check back for photographs of our trip.

Welcome back!

Spring 2 - Up the Beanstalk

Our topic this half term is called “Up the beanstalk” and we will be looking at growth. We are hoping to plant sunflowers and grow cress. We will be looking at the life cycles of butterflies and frogs. We will be looking at a wide range of books both fiction and non fiction around this topic.



Spring 1

This half term our topic is 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. We have lots of stories about bears and we will also be looking at non-fiction books. We will be encouraging children to sequence and re-tell some of the stories. We intend to focus on a different bear story each week with activities based on these stories.

Chinese New Year

We have been celebrated Chinese New Year! The children have loved learning the Chinese New Year story. They have been role-playing with the masks, tried Chinese food and even had a go at some Chinese writing.

Autumn 2

This half term in Nursery and Reception our topic is 'Let's Celebrate!' We will be looking at things that we like to celebrate! Some of the topics that the children will be learning all about are; Bonfire night, birthdays, Remeberence Day, Christmas, Diwali and many more! We will also be looking at the different shapes and patterns around us. As part of our celebration topic we will be practising for our Christmas Production!

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Children in Need

The children had a fantastic day all in aid to raise money for Children in Need! They came to school either in their pajamas, non uniform or something spotty! We had lots of fun painting and sticking Pudsey Bears!


Christmas 2016

We had lots of fun during the lead up to Christmas! There was a visit from Santa, we had a Christmas Party, we practised wrapping presents, we made Christmas decorations and cards, we had 2 Elves throughout December and we performed our Christmas Nativity 'A Miracle in Town'.

We're going on a Bear Hunt

Forest School Activities

We have been taking part in Forest School Activities with Jo Hutchison and we are really enjoying exploring our wonderful woodland area. The children have been on a nature walk, made pictures using different materials and they have been on a treasure hunt! Here are some pictures! Enjoy!

Reception Class Assembly

On Tuesday 24th January, Reception class showcased their work to the rest of the school and friends and family. They did a fantastic job! They sang beautifully and spoke so clearly so that everyone could hear! They were amazing! Well done all of Reception!

Halloween Activities

The children have loved exploring the room as there were lots of Halloween activities. They could paint pictures of pumpkins, they could make spells by reading CVC words, they could hammer small nails into pumpkins and they could use tweezers to collect spiders and eyeballs! The children had a fantastic week and enjoyed telling the adults all about their Halloween night!


Aswell as celebrating Halloween we also celebrated Diwali. The children loved learning about Diwali. We also looked at the Rama and Sita and story and the Reception children enjoyed role-playing using the little puppets. We also enjoyed making little Divas.


Autumn 1

Welcome back to the Foundation Stage where our adventures begin! The children in Nursery and Reception are having a great time settling into our new classroom. We are learning the rules of the classroom and the routine of the day. We are getting to know the staff and making lots of new friends. Take a look at our newsletter by clicking here for some extra information.

welcome back

Phonics evening information

On Tuesday the 20th September we had our annual Phonics Meeting. We had a good turn out and lots of questions were asked. The evening was all about how we teach reading and writing in the Early Years. Below is the presentation and if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to as a member of the team.  

Click here to view the presentation.

Magnificent me!

This half-term our topic is 'Magnificent Me'. We are exploring  our new surroundings inside and outside using our five senses. We will spend time talking about oursleves, our interests, our families and all the things that make us unique!

Welcome Back after the Easter break!
Click here to view our Summer 1 newsletter. Our topic is Under Water World and we are looking at different sea creatures. We have already made some wonderful rainbow fish.
Miss Hammond has joined our team for this half term and the children have made her feel very welcome.
With the better weather we are making the most of our outside space. We would like to say a big thank you to the PTFA for helping us to enhance this area. Have a look at the photos to see how much the children really enjoy this area.

Making the most of our outside space! Thank you PTFA on PhotoPeach

The Reception children have had great fun at cooking club! They have tried a variety of recipes and learnt lots of new skills. Take a look!
Cooking club on PhotoPeach



Latest News

Spring 2 - Click here to view the class newsletter.

The Foundation Stage Staff would like to welcome you and hope that you had a lovely summer holiday.

The Reception children are quickly settling into the routines and remembering the right thing to do. They are being super role models to our new nursery children who have started this week.

Take a look at the photos to see how they are getting on.

Click here to view this half term's newsletter.

We held our phonics information meeting on Tuesday 23rd September. Thank you to all who attended and for your positive feedback and suggestions.

Click here to view the powerpoint presentation.



Hope the Easter holiday was lots of fun!

Click here to view the summer 1 half termly newsletter for nursery.

Click here to view the summer 1 half termly newsletter for reception.

Last half term the nursery children enjoyed learning about people who help us. We had visits from the police and a nurse and we had an exciting visit to the fire station!  The visitors and visit inspired some lovely art work and imaginative role play.

Police visit on PhotoPeach

Fire station visit on PhotoPeach

Welcome back!

Click here to view this half term's Nursery newsletter.

Click here to view this half term's Reception newsletter.

This half term the Reception Unit have begun their new topic Yummy or Yucky! Last week we focused on the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and Reception 1 retold this story for their class assembly! They did a fantastic job of re-telling the story! This week we have been looking at the stories, 'Oliver's Milkshake', 'Oliver's Fruit Salad' and 'Oliver's Vegtables'. The children have had a fantastic week where they have made milkshakes and fruit kebabs! Look at the photographs below!

Fruit Kebabs 2014 Reception on PhotoPeach

Milkshakes! 2014 Reception on PhotoPeach

Last half term the Nursery children enjoyed lots of different tasting activities beginning with making their own bread. Have a look at the photographs!

Jam Sandwiches on PhotoPeach


Last Half term the Reception Unit had lots of visitors coming into the classroom to tell them all about their jobs and how they help people! Here are a few photographs to show who came in! Thank you to all of the visitors!

Police visit! Reception 2014! on PhotoPeach

Firefighter visit Reception 2014 on PhotoPeach

Visit from Eve's daddy and Oliver's mummy! on PhotoPeach


We also celebrated Chinese New Year! The children had a lot of fun making Chinese Lanterns and practised their Chinese writing! We had a fantastic week celebrating the Year of the Horse!

Chinese New Year 2014 Reception on PhotoPeach

Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and Santa was good to you!!

Click here to view this half term's Nursery newsletter.

Click here to view this half term's Reception newsletter.



The Foundation Stage children have been having lots of fun celebrating Christmas. They put on a fabulous performance of "Robin's so excited!" to a very appreciative audience of family and friends. The children joined in with games in the hall at their Christmas party and then while they were having their party snacks in the Foundation Unit a very special visitor arrived. Each child met Santa and was delighted to receive a gift! Have a look at the happy photos!


Robin's so excited! on PhotoPeach

Father Christmas! on PhotoPeach


Christmas time! on PhotoPeach


Party time on PhotoPeach


Click here to view Nursery newsletter.

Click here to view Reception newsletter.

This half term the Nursery children have been exploring colour and pattern and have been thoroughly enjoying the Elmer stories. The classroom is looking very bright and colourful with their wonderful creations.

The Reception children have been looking at different celebrations from different cultures. They have had the chance to taste some wonderful food in their Indian restaurant and they have dressed up in beautiful saris and salwar kameez. They made Divas to celebrate Diwali and decorated them with special shiny paint. The children have also celebrated Bonfire night and Hanukkah by making fantastic pictures.

 Christmas is fast approaching and all the children in Foundation Stage are busy practising for their wonderful production. They are working very hard to learn all the new songs. There will be two performances on Wednesday 11th December at 10am and 2pm. Tickets will be sent home shortly.

Look out for photo updates coming soon.

Celebrations on PhotoPeach


Welcome back.

The new nursery classroom is up and running and the children are settling in very well learning the new routines. The children are often visited by curious reception children who like to see the new children and the new classroom.

Miss Shields has joined Miss Warburton in the reception class unit. The two classes are working together and remembering the routines.

The nursery children and the reception children are playing together in our outdoor area.

Click here to view the nursery class newsletter.

Click here to view the reception class newsletter.

Our topic this half term is All about me. The children have been painting wonderful self portraits which look super on our walls!

Have a look at some of our pictures to see just what we have been up to!

Welcome to nursery on PhotoPeach

The first few days in our new nursery on PhotoPeach


Welcome to Reception on PhotoPeach


ICT with Mrs Saville on PhotoPeach


We have had a few enquiries from Reception parents about the pronunciation of the sounds that we are learning, so here is a link to a useful website where you can hear the sounds. Press here to listen to the pronunciations.


The Reception children have had the opportunity to join the Food Fun Club after school. Check out the photos on the after school activities page!





You are invited to come along to the Foundation Unit and find out what your children do all day. The Unit will be open to visitors from 9.30 - 11.00 and 1.00 - 2.30 each day. A tour of the rest of the school can also be arranged if you wish.  

We have places available for Nursery and Reception for September 2013. If you know of anybody that may be interested please let them know that they are welcome to visit during open week.  

Sports Day 2013!

Sports Day 2013! on PhotoPeach



Summer 1

17th May 2013 PTFA Fun Activity Day

Today the whole school took part in a sponsored day of activity! The Foundation Stage children took part in cheerleading with LWD Danceworks, rugby with Rugger Ratz, yoga with Sophie from Rainbow Turtle Yoga and an aerobic session with the whole school in the hall led by Alison Farrell. We had great fun and think we will all sleep well tonight! 


PTFA Fun Activity Day on PhotoPeach


PTFA Fun Activity Day 2 on PhotoPeach


Miss Greenwood has been working with us over the past few months and we are pleased that she will continue with us until the end of the summer term working Thursdays and Fridays.

The topic for this half term is 'Under the Sea'. The children are really enioying learning about all sea creatures that they may find.  We have a new fantastic role-play area which is an under the sea world where the children can explore the different sea creatures and write interesting stories. The snorkel and the flippers are proving to be a big hit!

We have also updated a lot of the display boards around the classroom with lots of Under the Sea pictures which the children have painted. We have been talking about friendship and the children have written their own ideas about being good friends for our "sharing a shell" board. Thank you to all the parents who have sent back their 'what we are proud of' fish. The children feel a great sense of pride when they read out what they have achieved at home.

The Reception children are still working really hard with their phonics work. We are making a big push on writing this half term.

Reception children need to ensure that their reading books are in school on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday. The sound files need to be in school on a Wednesday to be updated for a Thursday.  

Oscar's mummy is volunteering to work with the children planting seeds and hopefully we will be able to harvest peas and strawberries and grow some beautiful sunflowers. She has already made a good start tidying up the beds.

Rowan's mummy and Sammy's mummy are a super help on Mondays and Wednesdays changing library books. We are grateful for any help that you may be able to offer.  

Click here to read our latest newsletter - Under the Sea.

Under the sea on PhotoPeach



We often have students doing work experience in the unit. At the moment Ms M. Harrison is with us on Monday, Tuesday and Friday aftyernoons. Mrs Barrett will be with us for the next three weeks before returning to Huddersfield University to continue her studies.

Remember! If you have a couple of hours to spare each week we would really appreciate any help you can offer.

Spring 1

Click here to read our latest newsletter - We're going on a Bear Hunt

This half term we are looking forward to reading lots of stories about bears! The children are already enjoying playing in our Teddy Bear's Picnic role play area and we have started to make lovely bear pictures.

Our Maths Makes Sense training is being put into practise and everyone seems to love Cupman! The reception children are really getting to grips with the special language and methods.

The first "Shape of the week" has been the square and all the children have been looking out for squares, printing square pictures and talking about the properties of squares.

Last week we had a visit from PCSO Liz. She came to talk to the whole school in assembly and then visited the Foundation Unit. the children had the opportunity to try on her hat and a lucky few got to try on her stab vest and jacket. They were very heavy!



A busy first week! on PhotoPeach


Autumn 2

In the run up to Christmas our topic is based around colours and pattern. We have called it Over the Rainbow! Click here to view the newsletter. As part of this theme we will be looking at celebrations and we have already made wonderful firework pictures to celebrate Bonfire night and Diwali.


Autumn 1

Just before half term we had one of our special weeks. This time it was Fun, Fantasy, Fiction and Film week! The children took part in lots of different activities and enjoyed working with visitors. In the classroom we made our own puppet shows and dressed up as fictional characters.

 Fun, Fantasy, Fiction and Film Week on PhotoPeach



We put on our wellies and coats and had an exciting walk through the nature trail looking for signs of Autumn.

Autumn walk on PhotoPeach



Welcome back! We hope you have all had a really good summer break and are ready for the year ahead!

The new children are all settling in very well and the older children are setting a good example and helping them to follow the routines.

This half term our topic is 'All about me' and we are particularly focusing on the 5 senses. Click here to view our newsletter.

We held our annual reading meeting on the 25th September. Thank you to all who attended and for the positive feedback. If you were unable to attend you can click here to view the powerpoint which gives you an overview of the evening. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Summer Term 2

The whole school had a very successful sports week. The children had the opportunities to experience lots of different sporting activities. Foundation Stage were involved in creative dance, rugby, athletics, taekwando, Thai boxing, cheerleading, bollywood dancing, football and the Reception class took part in the mini Olympics. We took lots of photos!

Sports Week part 1! on PhotoPeach


Sports Week part 2! on PhotoPeach



Click here to view our half termly newsletter.

This half term we will be looking at traditional tales. The children are already enjoying our story palace making their own puppet shows and looking at the story books.

Don't forget our open week is 18th June - 22nd June. You are welcome to visit the unit between 9.30-11.00 and 1.00 - 2.30. We can also arrange a tour of the school.

We had a super trip at the end of the last half term to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It was a beautiful sunny day and the children were all exhausted by the end of it! The journey home was a lot quieter than the journey there! The children were all very well behaved and we were very proud of them! Have a look at the photos!


Yorkshire Wildlife Park on PhotoPeach


Yorkshire Wildlife Park on PhotoPeach


The journey home! on PhotoPeach


The journey home! on PhotoPeach

Summer Term

Click here to view our half termly newsletter.

Welcome back after a lovely Easter break! We have been joined by another group of younger Nursery children and they are settling into their new routines. We have started a new topic about animals and the children have been enjoying talking about their pets and playing in the new pet shop.

We will be going on a school trip this half term so watch this space!

Mrs Saville is continuing to take the Reception children into the computer suite and they have now moved onto using Word. They can still enjoy www.poissonrouge.com and www.starfall.com at home.

There are lots of good activites on the Cbeebies website to help children with their listening skills. The Nursery children have been playing  Rhythm Safari, Sound Around and Chit Chat Chest guess the sounds. The children have also enjoyed 'Guess the animal' at www.phonicsplay.co.uk

The Reception children are continuing to work really hard with their phonics work playing lots of different games. We have a selection of games that you may borrow, please can you ensure that all the pieces come back together so that somebody else can play the game. The children really enjoy www.phonicsplay.co.uk , www.lettersandsounds.co.uk www.ictgames.com

The whole unit has been working on shapes and patterns. The children have been encouraged to make repeating patterns in various areas of the classroom with some wonderful results.


Click here to view our half termly newsletter



We had a fantastic but exhausting half term with lots of visitors in the Foundation Stage Unit! The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and have gained a greater awareness about people who help us. We would like to say a big "Thank you" to all the people who have supported us.

Today our final visitor was Postman Paul. Last week we wrote letters to our friends and posted them. Today Paul delivered them back to us and the children were very excited to receive their post!

Postman Paul on PhotoPeach




Today we had two unexpected visitors to the Foundation Stage Unit. We heard sirens in the distance and then two police officers appeared! Fortunately we had done nothing wrong! They talked to the children and told them about their job before showing us their equipment. We were a bit concerned when they started to handcuff the children but luckily they had the keys. We then went out into the yard and looked at the police van. Some of the children were even locked in the back - we didn't leave them though and we released them in time for lunch!

More wonderful photos for you to enjoy!

Unexpected visitors on PhotoPeach


 Unexpected visitors 2! on PhotoPeach




We are very busy in the Foundation Stage Unit with lots of visits and vistors this half term. Today 'Stan the magic Lollipop man' came into school to talk to the children about road safety. He taught the children about how to cross the road and how to stay safe on the pavement. Ask your child about the songs and rhymes that he taught us!



We have had a very exciting afternoon visiting Mytholmroyd Fire Station! We started off by getting soaked as the fire fighters showed the children how they would put out a fire with the hose! They then showed us all of the fire fighting equipment that is kept on the fire engine. We finished off the visit with the children sitting in the fire engine. Yet more photos to enjoy!

A visit to the Fire Station with Reception on PhotoPeach


Nursery visit to the fire station on PhotoPeach



Today we had a visit from a nurse - Edward's mummy! She told the children all about her work in the hospital. She brought thermometers, torches, bandages, wrist bands and oxygen masks for the children to experiment with. They enjoyed being bandaged up and using the torches to look at each others throats. We saw the colour change on the thermometer - luckily all was well! More pictures for you to see!

A visit from Edward's mummy! on PhotoPeach




Today Matthew and Emily's mummy, Hayley, came to visit! She is a Dentist! The children learnt how important it is to clean their teeth and she showed them how to do it properly. Hayley has been kind enough to lend us a complete dentist role-play area. Next week the children will be re-enacting a visit to the dentist. Thank you Hayley! Here are some more photos for you to enjoy!

A trip to the Dentist! on PhotoPeach


WORLD BOOK DAY 1st March 2012

Today we celebrated World Book Day. The whole school dressed up as book characters - including staff - and we had a colourful parade of costumes around the hall. During the day the children worked in House groups and swapped classrooms for parts of the day.

In Foundation Stage we read stories about picnics -Whatever Next and This is the Bear and the Picnic Lunch and then went off to prepare our own picnic food. We made jam sandwiches and decorated biscuits with icing and sweets and then enjoyed our picnic!

We made charts on the interactive whiteboards to show which colour icing  and which sandwich filling was the most popular. Red icing came out on top and strawberry jam was also a clear winner!

Have a look at our wonderful pictures and amazing costumes!!

World Book Day Fun on PhotoPeach


 World Book Day Fun 2 on PhotoPeach


 World Book Day Nursery on PhotoPeach


 World Book Day Reception on PhotoPeach




Today we had a visit from Harry's daddy. He is a firefighter and he came to the unit to talk to us about his work.

He told the children all about the very special uniform he has to wear to keep him safe when he is rescuing people and putting out fires. The children were very excited to try on his uniform. It was very heavy! The visit inspired some super art work and lots of imaginative role play outside. Have a look at the wonderful photos! Thank you Simon!


Firefighter visit! on PhotoPeach



Welcome back after the half term break. Hope you had a restful week! Our next topic is called "Help!" and we will be learning about people who help us! We have lots of exciting visitors/visits planned so watch this space!

Today we have celebrated Pancake Day beginning with an assembly where Mrs Saville showed everyone how to make pancakes. We had to try it ourselves and so this afternoon we made our own delicious pancakes. The children were all keen to have a go at tossing the pancakes. Luckily they managed to catch them all! We enjoyed eating them with lots of different toppings.


Pancake day! on PhotoPeach


Pancake Day! on PhotoPeach


Mrs Saville is continuing to take the Reception children into the computer suite. They are now moving onto the website www.starfall.com Other useful websites include www.phonicsplay.co.uk www.ictgames.com www.letters-and-sounds.com  http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/literacy/phonics/play/popup.shtml 


Click here to view our half termly newsletter.


This week (w/b23-01-12) we have been celebrating Chinese New Year in the Foundation Unit. We have enjoyed reading the story about how each new year got it's name. The children have used the masks to re-enact the story.

We talked about how Chinese writing is different and the children experimented at the painting table making sure their writing went from top to bottom.

Cooking and eating the noodles was great fun! The children were not allowed to use a fork -they had to use the chopsticks!

The children were excited to make dragon puppets to celebrate the year of the dragon. They used them to make their own version of the dragon dance.

The children had lots of fun with the glitter and red paper making fantastic Chinese lanterns. Red is supposed to be a lucky colour. 

Have a look at our fantastic photographs!


Chinese New Year on PhotoPeach


We have made a super start to our new topic "Yummy or Yucky!" So far the children have enjoyed reading Handa's Surprise and have had fun re-enacting the story with the basket of fruit and the animal masks. The children were keen to paint the animals from the story and write labels to match the pictures. They made a fantastic display!


 Handa's Surprise on PhotoPeach


Our newest Nursery children are settling in very well joining in with all the activities happily and confidently. They are even working alongside the other children using the smartboard and learning about healthy food choices.


 Healthy choices on PhotoPeach


On Tuesday mornings Mrs Saville is now taking the reception children into the computer suite. She has been very impressed with their concentration and enthusiasm! They have been practising their mouse control skills and are enjoying exploring the website www.poissonrouge.com They have found lots of different games to play and songs to sing along to.



The Reception children have been working really hard with their phonics work. We are continuing with Phase 3 and the children are having to concentrate very hard to recognise the new digraphs. We have been playing lots of phonic games to make it fun!


The Foundation Stage Christmas party is on Thursday 15th in the afternoon and then on Friday morning we will be going to St Michael's Church for our carol service. Watch this space for more pictures!

On Friday 9th December the Foundation Stage children gave two brilliant performances of Nursery Rhyme Nativity to packed audiences. The children sang superbly and spoke clearly. They looked wonderful in their costumes! Thank you for the appreciative comments made in our book!


Nursery Rhyme Nativity on PhotoPeach

The Nursery Children all ready for 'Nursery Rhyme Nativity'!

Nursery Rhyme Nativity on PhotoPeach

 The Reception Children all ready for the Nativity.

Nursery Rhyme Nativity on PhotoPeach

Here are some group photogrpahs of the children in their costumes.

Nursery Rhyme Nativity on PhotoPeach

The children had a really exciting visitor on Thursday the 15th of December! It was Santa Claus!


Father Christmas on PhotoPeach


 Father Christmas! on PhotoPeach



This term Reception children have the opportunity to take part in our Food Fun Club. Mrs Hardy, Miss Warburton and the children have thoroughly enjoyed the mouth watering recipies! We have made, Fruit Salad, Monster Bagels, Jam tarts, Pizza, Crispy buns and tasty wraps. Here are a selection of pictures!

Food Fun Club! on PhotoPeach




Last week we had a visit from 'Little Lollipops.' The children enjoyed role play activities on how to safely cross the road. Ask them about the four important things that we need to remember when we cross the raod and keep reinforcing the rules.


Little Lollipops on PhotoPeach


Welcome to our new website!

George the tortoise visited the unit during "Science Week." He had such a wonderful time he has decided to stay! He loves being in the unit and the children are taking great care of him. He regularly comes out of the aquarium and has a run around the carpet. The children are enjoying making different habitats for George to explore.

Click here to view our half termly newsletter

Click here to view our Foundation Stage prospectus

Here is a selection of photos of the children having fun in the Foundation Stage Unit and outside!

Fun in the Foundation Stage on PhotoPeach

We have had our first family learning session in the Foundation Stage Unit. Mrs Barnes took charge and everyone had a great time making Christmas wrapping paper and decorations! Over the next two weeks there will be more Christmas Art and Craft activities to enjoy! If you would like to come along next week you will be very welcome!

Family learning in the Foundation Stage Unit on PhotoPeach

 And one last thing...

The children are very busy learning all the songs for our Christmas production "Nursery Rhyme Nativity"  Put the date in your diary Friday 9th December.

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