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Welcome to Little Chefs!

Week 1

Welcome to Little Chefs, where Reception children learn the basic skills that they need to cook both savoury and sweet dishes. In the first week we made a Fruit Salad. The children had to use the knifes really carefully and made a beautiful fruit salad to share with their family.

Week 2

This week the Little chefs made Monster bagels. The children had to make their bagel pieces into a snake and then put Tuna Mayonaise all over it! Then they decorated their bagels using cucumbers, peppers, celery, sweetcorn and tomatos.

Week 3

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Week 1 - Fruit Kebabs

This week the children had a great time making fruit kebabs. They had to carefully cut lots of different types of fruit and then push them onto a kebab stick! The children loved making their fruit kebabs! Here is the recipe that we followed. Check back for next week's recipe.

Week 2 - Rocky Road

This week the children loved making Rocky Road. They had to break all their chocolate up into a bowl and then we put it in the microwave to melt it! Once the chocolate was melted we then added cranberries, biscuit and marshmellows. The children even helped to wash up this week! Click here for the recipe.

Week 3 - Jam Tarts

Today we made Jam tarts. The children enjoyed cutting out circles using a cutter. They then had to cut out stars for the top. Once they had cut out all their pastry, they then had to put 2 teaspoons of jam inside! This bit got messy! They then placed the star on the top. We all took a trip down to the cooking room where Mrs Holmes carefully placed the jam tarts into the oven. Once they were ready we pulled them out and packed them up ready to go home! The children had a great time! If you would like the recipe for this week, click here.

Week 4 - Chocolate chip cookies

This week we made chocolate chip cookies. The children helped to measure all the ingredients out. They then had to mix it all together! Once the mixture was ready the children then created small balls and placed them on their trays. Mrs Holmes then carefully placed them into the oven!

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