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Class 6 - Welcome to the Class of Fun!

Class 6 resposibilities

Being the oldest, wisest and most mature class (!) pupils take on lots of responsibilities to help the school run smoothly. These include library monitors, Play-leaders as well as others but also our new position of Prefects. Year 6 children volunteer to be selected for these postitions and then carry them out at different points throughout the week. We feel they make a real difference to the rest of the school and display positive role models to other children in our school.

We are 'Top Trumps!'

ICT- Animation

Ever wondered how Wallace and Gromit films are made? What about the Shrek films? In ICT, we shall be looking at how these animations are produced and then attempting to create some of our own using different media.

Have we got the next Nick Park in our midst??


Topic: Britain Since the 1930's

Throughout this term we shall time-travelling through each decade beginning with the 1930's.

We will be delving deeply into the decades, exploring changes in lifestyles, pollitics, major world event, music, film and fashion.

Can you imagine a world without the internet? McDonalds? Star Wars?

Yes, there was life before these things and Class 6 will learn all about these 'archaic' times.

To begin with, try our famous people task below to see if you can identify the British icons and then put them in the correct decade.

icons and the decades

Literacy Work

During the first half-term, pupils have looked at different genres of writing, specifically, horror genre. After that, we will be turning the lovely 'child-friendly' fairy tale of 'Little Red Riding Hood' into a gruesome horror story. Be warned, they are NOT for the faint hearted!!

Forest Schools Activities

Each Tuesday from 10th January, Class 6 will have their sesson of Forest Schools Activities.

For this, they will learn outdoors in the woods on our school grounds and be covering how to make structures from natural materials for different purposes and things.

PLEASE NOTE: pupils will need to bring in wellingtons/sturdy shoes, a warm/waterproof coat and gloves.


Young Voices

Class 6 are excited about being part of a 6000 strong choir at the Manchester MEN Arena in February.

In preparation for this grand event, we have started to learn some of the songs and dances.

Our favourite songs so far include Pop Medley, Power in Me and the Transportaion Medley.


RE: Sihkism

During RE lessons, we have been researching the Sihk religion and their fundamental beliefs.

We have compared their image of God with our own beliefs.

Our discussions have brought up some deep philosophical faith questions. Through this, our pupils are developing a better awareness and understanding of different religions in order to respect other cultures who live in our community and share our world.   

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