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Class 6 resposibilities

Being the oldest, wisest and most mature class, pupils in Y6 take on lots of responsibilities to help the school run smoothly. These include library monitors, prefects, class council members and the position of Head Boy and Girl. Year 6 children volunteer to be selected for these postitions and then carry them out at different points throughout the week. We feel they make a real difference to the rest of the school and display positive role models to other children in our school.

Science: Adaptation and Evolution

In science, the children have been thinking about characteristics passed from one generation to the next and how species have adapted to suit their environments. We will go on to explain the process of natural selection, and how our understanding of the process of evolution has developed over time thanks to the work of scientists and palaeontologists.

Camel Adaptation Song with Subtitles - Lyrics.mp4

Forest School

Class 6 have had their sessions of Forest Schools Activities.

The children have made their own natural labyrinths, have done some orienterring around the woodland area and have made games out of natural materials.

The weather has been kind to us and we have had a lot of fun.

Topic: Rivers

Our first topic is all about rivers: how they are formed, famous rivers of the world and the many uses of rivers. Through this we will do research, artwork and investigations of manyaspects of rivers and their surroundings. 

We have been learning about the water cycle recently and have had fun using music to consolidate our learning. Have a go at the Water Cycle Rap at home!



Water Cycle - Blazer Fresh Science Video GoNoodle (1).mp4

Graffiti Maths

In maths lessons, sometimes we have a less formal approach. The children work in groups on problem solving activities and have large sheets of paper and coloured pens. The presentation is totally up to them. It has been a hit with the children and allows them to explain their reasoning to each other with lots of opportunity for cooperation.

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