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Summer Term!

Welcome to Class 6!

The adults that will be working with you in Year 6 are:

Mrs Yates

Mrs Western

Miss Jones

Miss Hamlin

Miss English

We are currently working incredibly hard on our performance of 'The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan' We are so proud of everyone for learning their lines and remembering their stage directions. We cannot wait to show you all our performance.



This half term we have been working hard on our writing.   We have thought carefully about our vocabulary choices and have written our own versions of the story 'Paper Man.' We watched the video and thought about the changing emotions that 'Malcolm' faces throughout the story.    Watch this space for some of our amazing work! 


This half term we are making sure that we are ready for secondary school.   Mrs Yates has been sharing lots of 'Top Tips' that will help us suceed in maths next year.   

We are currently using our knowledge of area and perimeter to design and make our own theme park.  We will calculate profits and losses to determine how successful our theme park is.   

Children are encouraged to 'play' on Maths Shed every week.  Assignments are set by us each week to try and earn more points than other class mates (and the rest of the school!) In turn, this should help them develop their knowledge of known number facts and increase their confidence in spelling.

Come on Year 6- let's be the best! 

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