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Last Push!

We only have a few weeks left until the big day - Christmas!!!!!! Have you got your decorations up yet?

We've been really busy working hard and catching up with all of our missed learning since we came back in September and we are so pleased with how hard everyone has worked. Keep it up!

This half term we have covered newspaper reports, stories and reading comprehensions. In maths we have recapped written addition andsubtraction methods and also long multiplication.

We have done lots of spelling, handwriting, grammar and number skills so that we are up to scratch and ready to work to the best of our ability for the rest of the year. 

Homework on Seesaw

Homework will be added to Seesaw on a Monday after school. This will usually be a mixture of spelling, grammar, reading, arithmetic and topic maths.

It will be approved and commented on before the next Monday.

If you have any problems logging on to Seesaw, please let me know.

Spelling Shed

Children are encouraged to 'play' on Spelling Shed assignments set by us each week to try and earn more honeypots than other class mates (and the rest of the school!) In turn, this should help them develop their knowledge of spelling patterns and increase their confidence in spelling.

Come on Year 6- let's be the best! 

Maths Shed

Maths Shed is a wonderful way to consolidate number bonds and times table and divisions facts. We also compete against the other classes to see who is the class who achieve the most points for the week.

Let's be the best at this too Year 6!

Science - Evolution

We have studied the work of Charles Darwin and looked at inheritance in species too. We alos studied how fossils are formed.

History - Crime and Punishment

The children are loving our topic which covers the myriad of punishment techniques which have been used throughout different periods of history. We have compared Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Tudor times so far and have still got more eras to encounter before judging which period had the most impact on modern day laws and punishments.

PE- Gymnastics

PE lessons will take place outside. Children will need to come to school in an appropriate indoor kit on Thursday when our PE lesson is scheduled. Make sure you come in warm clothes in case it is cold outside.

All You Need Is Love - Leavers' Video

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