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Class 6 responsibilities

Being the oldest, wisest and most mature class, pupils in Y6 take on lots of responsibilities to help the school run smoothly. These include library monitors, prefects, class council members and the position of Head Boy and Girl. Year 6 children volunteer to be selected for these postitions and then carry them out at different points throughout the week. We feel they make a real difference to the rest of the school and display positive role models to other children in our school.

Science: Classification

After studying how creatures have evolved and adapted, we now move on to classifying them, including researching the scientists who revolutionised the classifaction system.

Spelling Shed

Children are encouraged to 'play' on Spelling Shed assignments set by us each week to try and earn more honeypots than other class mates (and the rest of the school!) In turn, this should help them develop their knowledge of spelling patterns and increase their confidence in spelling. Come on Year 6- let's be the best! 

HeaderTopic: Crime and Punishment

The children are loving our new topic which covers the myriad of punishment techniques which have been used throughout different periods of history. We have compared Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Tudor times so far and have still got more eras to encounter before judging which period had the most impact on modern day laws and punishments.

RE- Sikhism

Children have been looking at this world religion, discovering facts from the beginning of Sikhism to how modern day Sikhs live in society today.


'Happy' by Pharrell Williams is the base song for our first music unit. Children will learn about rythmn, read notation and perform with musical instruments as well as sing the various parts in turn. This will develop their musical appreciation and genre.

PE- Gymnastics

As well as making our learning as physical as possible, our PE lessons will focus on gymnastics led by our PE specialist, Mrs Doyle. Children need an appropriate indoor kit The main lesson is on Thursdays (but kit needs to be in school at all times for other physical activities during the week).

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