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Catch Up and Recovery 2020-2021

Courage, Compassion, Perseverance and Teamwork

Recovery Curriculum

In July our staff completed a "curriculum deficit summary" to show the subjects and objectives children had missed during lockdown. These were passed on to the next teacher so that they could plan and teach a curriculum aimed at closing those gaps before moving on to the learning for this year. The focus for that will be quality first teaching for all pupils and targeted support for small groups and individuals. 

The main curriculum focus in autumn term is English and Mathematics with a good balance of non- core subjects each week.

English content: phonics in Early Years and Ks1, handwriting and spelling in Ks2, reading comprehension and writing across school. 

Mathematics content: number bonds, number skills and multiplication tables.

Other non-core subjects will be delivered, with summaries of topics/units missed last year. These will also be revisited at the beginning of each new topic. 

Once children settle back in, during the first autumn term, informal assessments will be completed to clarify children's needs/gaps in learning and plan our next steps.

Findings and Next Steps

We found that all children returned to school with large gaps in learning and poor hand writing and presentation skills; they found it difficult to concentrate and to sustain learning for extended periods. Some previous learning had also been forgotten. Further revision was planned, extra breaks were included each day and expectations increased one step at a time to improve learning stamina.

Summative assessments were carried out at the end of autumn term and we were pleased with progress. We will continue to revise objectives from last year at the beginning of each new unit of work and we will reassess children's progress at the end of each term.

Targetted small group and individual support will continue alongside quality first teaching. We aim to return to the school’s normal curriculum in all subjects by summer term 2021. 


Catch up for website

Catch Up Funding

Catch Up funding was used in autumn 2020 to:

- provide Forest Activities to support emotional health and wellbeing.

- increase the level of teaching assistant hours in Y6 to support with quality first teaching and targeted individual and small group support. 

- create smaller classes for English and Mathematics  for five  hours a week in Y6. The class teacher and deputy head teacher planned together and delivered leesons to two separate groups. 

- provide after school tuition groups in all year groups.

- purchase online maths and literacy subscriptions for programmes that support learning.


Spring Term 2020

We are currently in another national lockdown and although we have a comprehensive plan for remote/blended learning we realise that children are likely to have more gaps when we return to school. We will operate a similar catch up and recovery plan whenever that happens. 

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