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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Burnley Road Academy Governor page!!!!!  This page gives you an insight into the role of your academy governors, who your academy governors are, and details of how you can get involved.

Academy governors are responsible for a wide range of activities and provide a key link between the academy, local community and parents.  Governors make decisions to ensure the academy performance meets the highest standards, continually strives to improve, and creates the best working environment to ensure our children and staff enjoy academy life and maximise their potential.  Our three main roles are:

(1)    Strategic: setting long-term aims and strategies for academy improvement.

(2)    Critical friend: supportive but challenging critique of our academy’s work.

(3)    Accountability: responsible for providing the best possible education for our pupils

To do our job governors are split into two teams Curriculum and Finance.  Teams meet termly and both feed into a full governor meeting each term.  In addition, other working parties meet as required to complete specific tasks, for example performance management governors will meet to discuss the Head’s performance agreement.


Register of interests

Click here to view our register of interests.

Record of attendance at governing body meetings

Click here to view attendance records for members of our governing body.


Governor calendar

Governors get together to discuss the school on a regular basis. All documentation relating to governor meetings is available for viewing.  Ask in school for details.

How to become an Academy Governor

Governors are drawn from different parts of the community; the governing body comprises of parents; staff; Local Authority employees and volunteers from the local community.  This mix helps to ensure the Governing Body has a sufficient diversity of views and experience, but it doesn’t mean Governors represent a particular category.  For example, Parent Governors do not represent the parents of the school and do not report back to them.

Governing Body Appointments:

(1)   Parent Governors are selected by election (or appointment if insufficient people stand for election) and are drawn from parents and carers of children at the school.

(2)   Staff Governors are selected by election from teaching and support staff paid to work at the school.

(3)   Authority Governors are appointed by the Local Authority.

(4)   Community Governors are appointed by the Governing Body to represent Community interests. 

Your governors

Mr Karl Boggis

Responsibilities: Chair of Governors, DirectorYear 6, Finance & Staffing, Governor Development, Literacy, Curriculum & Audit,

Type: Community Governor

Date of appointment: 26/11/13

End of term: 27/11/21

Background: Having moved to Mytholmroyd from Hebden Bridge when I was four, Burnley Road was my school. Mytholmroyd has been my life from then on, where my business is and where my family live. Burnley Road Academy is in my ward on Hebden Royd Town Council, and I want to help the Governors maintain the levels of learning, care and teaching that make Burnley Road Academy the choice for my family.

Mrs Clare Cope (Headteacher)

Responsibilities: Director, Curriculum & Audit, Finance & Staffing,

Type: Headteacher Governor

Background: When I was a child and people asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up I always said I wanted to be a teacher. Although I had a range of part time jobs whilst studying, nothing changed that overriding ambition. I qualified as a teacher from Liverpool University in 1993 and I’ve been teaching ever since then. I spent eight years as the Deputy Head at St. Mary’s in Littleborough and then became Headteacher at Christ Church Junior School in Sowerby Bridge. In September 2014 I became the Head teacher here at Burnley Road Academy and I am really enjoying the role. It’s a very friendly and welcoming school to work in and the children are brilliant!


Mr Roger Haynes (Board of Directors, Finance & Staffing)

Responsibilities: Director, Finance & Staffing, Performance Management, Health & Safety, Foundation Stage

Type: Community Governor

Date of appointment: 23/09/2015

End of term: 23/09/23

Background:Being the Director of Fischer and Haynes, a local building company, Roger has a vast knowledge of building work which helps him advise and help the Academy in keeping the building and grounds safe and in a good condition. A local of Mytholmroyd, Roger is well known in the community and can be often seen walking with his grandson through the village.  

Mrs Celia Ainley (Board of Directors, Finance & Staffing)

Responsibilities: Director, Curriculum, SEND and CLA

Type: Parent Governor

Date of appointment: 22/11/2019

End of term: 21/11/23



Mrs Amanda Leggett

Responsibilities: DirectorCurriculum & Audit, Finance & Staffing, Year 1

Type: Community Governor

Date of appointment: 22/09/2015

End of term: 23/09/23

Background: I grew up in the town of Stockport. I started my education at the local nursery attached to the school just like Burnley Road Academy, at my secondary school I held the post of Head Girl. I left school and went to work in a travel agency, attending college one day a week and went on to complete a Degree in Law. My job has enabled me to travel to many destinations worldwide. I reside in the local area and attend Ward Forum meetings held every few months. My one piece of advice is, IF YOUR FACE WANTS TO SMILE LET IT - IF IT DOESN’T MAKE IT!!

Mrs Rebecca Holmes 

Responsibilities: DirectorCurriculum & Audit, Reception class teacher and Foundation Stage Manager.

Type: Staff Governor

Date of appointment: 22/09/15

End of term: 23/09/23

Background: Having been a teacher for over 9 years, I love the challenge of helping all our children to reach their full potential. I've been told I have a lovely smile- but it is the children who make that happen and when they come in with a smile, it makes it all worth while. As the Foundation Stage manager I work with my team to keep developing our Early Years areas: I especially love our outdoor facilities and play area (the best in Calderdale in our opinion!) I take my role on the Governing Body as one which helps the whole school and not just Foundation Stage.

Mrs Veronica Walker 


Responsibilities: Director, Curriculum and Audit, Teacher for Years 3 and 4


Type: Staff Governor


Date of appointment: May 2021


End of Term: May 2025


Mrs Sally Finnegan (Clerk of Govenors)

Responsibilities: Ensuring smooth running of board

Date of appointment: 01/06/98



Ms. Penny Dargen-Bell



Type: Parent Governor

Date of Appointment: October 2021

End of Term: October 2025



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