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Welcome to Year 6's class page

We are now in our final term at Burnley Road Academy! Our last topic is Keen to be Green, during which we will consider lots of environmental issues. We will also be thinking about Relationships in PHSE and how charity can change the world in R.E.

You can find out more from our class newsletter by clicking here.

Our Residential at Lockerbie Manor

We had a great time trying all sorts of adventurous activities, building up our teamwork and challenging ourselves to step out of our comfort zone with new experiences.

One class but different varieties!

At the start of the year we looked at the many different varieties of foods that Heinz produce.

We then thought about our own class and saw that we, just like Heinz, are all different but part of the same calss.

We then designed our own labels to show what would be in our 'ingredients' would be  IF we were put into a tin.



Halifax Magistrates Court

To find out more about how the British justice system works, we visited the Halifax Magistrates Court. Whilst there, we learnt about the history of British laws, the process of how someone is charged or not charged of committing illegal activities and also who is involved with the courts system.

We also got to act out a mock trial with different children taking on the various roles of a Junior Court. It was great fun and informed us of how clever and knowledgable lawyers, magistrates and judges have to be.


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