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Autumn 2

Welcome back to Autumn 2 in year 3. 


We are basing our English around a wonderful recount story called "The day I swapped my Dad for 2 goldfish." The children are really enjoying rewritng this story but swapping something else.  We are also reading "The Diary of a Killer Cat." as our class stroy. We are also looking at Roman Myths and Legends with Mrs Walker later in the week.


Please continue working on your times tables, you need to know all of them up to 12 times by the end of year 4. All the children have been trying really hard during our weekly times tables test.


Our topic will be a geography based project, we are looking at maps, identifying major British cities and looking at compass directions. 

Just click onto our half termly newsletter and our maths key instant recall facts (KIRFS)


Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to Autumn 2 in class 3.  Have a look at our lovely class photographs showcasing our history, art and science work.  We also had a visit from Dave at Skip2Bfit which the children really enjoyed.


Year 3 Autumn 2

Welcome back and I hope you have had a lovely holiday and did some exciting things.  Take a look at our newsletter and have a look at our class photographs to see what we have been up to.

This is our Kindness Tree.


Skip2B fit


This is our skip2B fit session with Dave, the children really love these sessions.

Art and printing.




We have been going back in time to prehistory and learning about life during the Stone Age to Iron Age.

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