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Our Topic

Our topic this half term is: Marvellous Mountains. We have used atlases and the internet to locate mountains in the UK and  around the world, and to research information about mountain ranges. We can't wait to find out about Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa Tenzing Norgay's climb up Mount Everest.

A couple of children have already brought in their amazing mountain projects. We can't wait to see more!


In Science this half term, we are looking at forces. So far, we have learnt about balanced and unbalanced forces, gravity and friction. We have found out about Isaac Newton and his discoveries about gravity. Did you know that mass and weight have different units of measurement? Mass is measured in kg and g whereas weight is measured in Newtons! There are 10N to 1kg. Class 5 had great fun weighing objects around the class in kg and converting it to Newtons. We are now looking forward to designing a parachute and boat.  


Every Wednesday afternoon Class 5 have a music lesson with Mrs Dawson from the local music service. 

Whilst the focus is on learning to play the violin, children also develop other musical skills, such as: keeping the beat and following and creating patterns.

We hope you enjoyed Class 5's violin performance that took place before Christmas in front of parents and the school. 

Forest School

Forest school will begin again on Tuesday 6th February. Please make sure children bring in their wellies and have clothing appropriate for the outdoors.

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