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Class 5


Welcome to summer term and we continue to work from home. There has been a fantastic response to Seesaw and lots of great work has been done. It’s time to get back on to that now after what was hopefully a relaxing Easter break. We will set work every day and will be checking it regularly. See you there!


Complete as much of the work on Seesaw as you can. Most of it can be completed online using a computer or tablet but be creative too - you can complete work on paper then photograph it and upload it. Do some of your writing on paper too and photograph that. Keep practising and using your skills. If you have a question, ask it and we'll get back to you. 


Additional work

There are lots of other things you can be doing to help your learning. Here are a few ideas:

Discovery Education

This used to be known as Espresso and it is where we do our coding and ICT work. Have a look at the year 5 coding and refresh yourself. Use Coding 1.0. Can you complete the year 5 modules? A reminder of the password will be put on Seesaw.

The BBC have just launched their Bitesize daily lessons starting at 9.00am each day. You can also photograph any work you do here and upload it onto Seesaw.

Don't forget your Joe Wicks daily workouts! You can do this at any time during the day through his youtube channel.  

There are also lots of links to activities, educational games, and useful websites on our class webpage: Mr Brown's Class.


The online Oak Academy has a series of lessons that you can access if you are struggling with Seesaw. There are some particularly useful lessons for Maths and English.

Remember to keep reading too. The more you read, the better you write!  Read anything - books, magazines, cereal boxes... 

If you have any problems at all, please email admin@burnleyroad.calderdale.sch.uk and we will try our best to help.

Spring 2020

Welcome to Class 5!


Click the links above to find French homework.

Our temporary home

As you probably know, we are now in our temporary accomodation on Moderna Industrial estate. But class 5 continue to work hard and make excellent progress! Our literacy text, Pax has stimulated a lot of discussion and brought up a number of philosophical and ethical issues.

Our current topic is Rainforests and children have learned about the diffferent layers from the forest floor to the emergent layer.

We have also continued our work on forces in science including gravity and Sir Isaac Newton. This week we have looked at the effect of friction in the world around us and what life would be like without friction.


This PAX inspired artwork was created for homework! 


What happened next?


Our rainforest display, featuring lots of facts, diagrams and illustrations.


Class 5's extensive research on red foxes prior to reading Pax.

Don't forget our year 5 website Mr Brown's Class. There are loads of links to useful websites - useful and fun!

Autumn 2019

Shackleton's Journey

In literacy we have started reading the text Shackleton's Journey and over the coming weeks we will be learning about this epic Antarctic expedition. We will discover more about his crew and apply for a position onboard ourselves. 


Forest School

Forest school sessions will continue this half term and we will let you know dates and days shortly.

Science / topic


This half term in science we will be learning about the earth, the planets and space.

Topic lessons will focus on the history of the local area. We will look at changes over time and investigate the railways and the Cragg Coiners.


This term we will have swimming lessons on Tuesday mornings until the Christmas holidays. Children need to wear swim shorts or one piece costumes.

Long hair needs to be tied up and jewellery removed for sessions. 

Useful Sites

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