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Autumn 1 2023!


Forest school


We will be starting Forest schools with Mr McArdle this half term.  We will investigate animals and their habitats and create a house for them. They will take influence from Richard Long anf Andy Goldsworthy we'll make our own  land art using natural materials from the woodland. Please send your child to school with weather appropriate clothing and footwear.




In RE this half term pupils  will start by thinking about special books and stories for themselves. They will reflect on the meanings (or ‘morals’) in stories, including secular tales and fables. The unit goes on to investigate special books and writings for religious believers, in particular the Bible and the Qur’an.  We will consider why these are special and how they are respected and treated. We will listen to and think about special stories, some of which are contained in special books.




This half term in PE we will be having Darren the sports coach coming in to teach the children 'Hit catch run' The children will learn different types of throwing and rolling skills and how to return the ball back to base. Children will also learn to work with other fielders to stop players scoring. They will also practice self-feeding the ball and hit it. 

We are also extremely lucky and on the 22nd September we will be having Dave from Skip2BeFit coming in to do a session with the children to support their skipping skills. The children always show great perseverance and determination during these sessions.

We will also be having a dance session from Laura and 'Strret Jam dance'. Their will be an afterschool club on Thursdays 3.15- 4.15. Children will learn different dance routines through story telling.


PE will be on Monday's  and Thursdays please send your child to school in their PE kits. This is to ensure that the time that the children have to do PE is just that and not spent getting dressed.




This half term our science topic will be Animals- children will learn about 5 groups; mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians. They will sort animals into different groups according to their features, their diet and classify them according to their group. The children will also look at different body parts and learn about the 5 senses. We will do a science experiment to test these.



In Art this half term we will be learning about the concept of Nature Sculptures and explore the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We will spend a lot of time exploring the natural world and using these to create various art pieces.



This half term out history topic is Remembrance Day we will look at the First World war and Remembrance day. The children will also find out about Walter Tull and how Remembrance Day is marked we will also cover the experiences of soldiers, animals and women during the war.

Autumn 2


We hope you have had lovely break and are back healthy and refreshed. This half term we are extremely lucky to be joined by Miss Robinson on a Wednesday- Friday. She will be helping to support the class.



This half term, your child will have KIRFS (Key Instant Recall Facts) to learn. This half term their KIRFS are number bonds for each number to 6. You can find them below in your homework book or on SeeSaw. It is simply all the pairs of numbers which add up to 1- 6. Children should be practicing these daily until they know them off by heart (Instant recall). They should also be able to apply their knowledge to solve subtractions and missing number questions. For example, If a child knows: 2 + 0 = 2 They should also know: 2 – 2= 0, or be able to quickly say the missing number in 2 = ___+ 0

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


In RE this half term the topic is 'How do we celebrate special events' This unit allows the pupils to consider the concept of celebration.  It links a number of ideas together: the ways in which we celebrate special events and how religions mark festival days. It will help develop pupils’ understanding of celebrations, including religious festivals. It includes a study of Harvest festival, Eid ul Fitr and Sukkot. Pupils are enabled to respond and reflect by creating their own class celebration.


In computing this half term we will be using espresso to complete our first unit of coding.  The children will learn that programs execute by following clear instructions. Understand that programs respond to inputs to do different things

In internet safety we will also be looking at 'Online relationships'  We will learn to give examples of when we should ask permission to do something online and be able to explain why that is important. We will learn how to communicate with people online and explain why it is important to be considerate and kind to people whilst respecting their choices. We will alsp try to explain why other people might feel different feeling about things. 


We will also be looking at 'Online Bullying' We will describe how to behave online in ways that do not upset others and be able to give examples.


Spring 1 2023

Happy New Year! Welcome back we hope you all had a lovely Christams and spent lots of times celebrating with your families. 


This half term our topic is hot and cold places in this unit will learn about the different types of weather in their immediate environment. The children will then have the opportunity to build on this and knowledge of the four seasons. The pack will introduce them to hot and cold areas of the world and the impact of different weather types. Children will have opportunities to observe and record the weather, present their own weather forecasts.

Life skills


In Life skills this half term our topic is 'Diverse Britain This unit is inspired by the idea that individuals can have a positive impact on groups and communities to which they belong. It aims to enable the children to identify that they belong to various groups and communities and ways in which they contribute positively to these. In this unit, children learn about community, being good neighbours and looking after the environment. They will also learn about Britain, what it means to be British, about diversity and the importance of celebrating and being respectful of our differences.



This half term in PE we are doing gymnastics we will be trying to use simple gymnastics actions and shapes. Apply basic strenght to gymnastics actions. Begin to carry basic apparatus and recognise like actions and link them. 

We will also be performming a variety of gymnastics actions showing control. Intorducing twisting, spinning, rock and roll and link these. We will try to perform longer movement phrases and link them with confidence.

Spring 2


Our topic in RE this half term is how and why do we care for others This unit will help develop skills of questioning, explanation and awareness of what ‘caring’ looks like for different pupils and people of different faith backgrounds. It will develop skills in reflection and communication and encourage self-esteem and empathy.


This half term our topic is 'Round and Round'  we will be building on previous learning. All the learning is focused around one song: Round And Round, a Bossa Nova Latin style.

We will be exploring pulse, rhythm and pitch in different music styles.




Welcome back. I hope you have had a lovely summer! In year 1 there will be Miss Shields (Class teacher) Miss Robinson, Miss Harrison, Ms Dawson, Miss Martin and  Mrs Greenwood.



In year 1 the children will be sent a homework grid each half term with a number of different activities on. Please aim to do at least on a week. But we understand that some weeks are busier than others. Please bring back your homework before the Friday of the last week in half term so it can be marked and renewed.


Life Skills


This Half term in PSHCE our topic is TEAM- We will discuss what it mens to be part of a team and the tems we are a part of. We we will talk about why it is important to listen to other people and how to be a good listener. We will discuss how we show kindness to other people and why this is important. In this unit we also dicuss different types of behaviour and the difference between teasing, bullying and friendly joking and what we do if this happens to us or we see this. We will also encourage the children to become positive learners and what to do if we find something difficult using positive pals and negative nags. We will ccontinue to develop this by looking at the choices that we have about our behaviour and how these may affect out team.



In Computing this half term our topic is 'Technology around us' We will learn what technology is and how it can help us. We will learn about different parts of computers and how to use them. We will practice drawing using the track pad to create a picture. We will also use the keyboard to write a sentence. This will be using an online app called paintz. We will also learn about ways to keep safe online.


During internet safety our topic is 'Self image and Identity.' We will learn different things we do in our class at home when online. We will talk about who our trusted adults are and what we would do if someone or something worried, upset or annoyed them. We will also be leanring about 'Health, Wellbeing and lifestyle'. We will learn to explain rules to keep safe when using technology.



In science  we will be exploring Autumn, we will be looking at what changes from Summer to Autumn. We will observe the weather we will explore what the weather is like and how we measure and record this. We will use a thermometer to measure the temperature, a rain gauge to measure rainfall and a weather vane to measure the wind direction. We will explore what happens to the trees throughout Autumn and go on lots of walk to watch how our surroundings change.




This half term in music our topic is called 'Hey you'. We will be practicing finding the pulse as we are listening to music. We will listen to songs and identify what instruments are being played. We will learn to sing a Rap in groups then play the glokenspeils to the song.




In year 1 we continue to follow the phonic sceme'Little Wandle' based on the national guidance from the DFE. I have attached a link to the letter that was sent home.

There will be a reading practice book that will be at the correct phonic stage for your child. They should be able to read this fluently, independently, with expression and good understanding. This book has been carefully matched using assessments and will have been read 3 times at school. The 4th home read is to boost confidence and develop children's Love for reading. 

There will be a sharing book- this is a book that your child will not be able to read on there own. The book is for you both to read and enjoy together. 

If you would like any more inrormation please visit


or arrange a meeting with the class teacher.


Life Skills

In life skills this half term our topis is 'Be yourself'. We will be talking about what makes us special and recognise what makes us unique.  why it is important to be kind to ourselves. We will talk about what makes us feel happy and what other good feelings you may feel. We will also talk about feelings that may make us feel uncomfortable and talk about ways we could deal with these.


In DT this half term our topic is ' Dips and Dippers' we will be learning about good food hygiene rules, using kitchen equipment to prepare food safely. We will learn about the importance of a balanced diet. Whilst exploring different dips and dippers.


Forest School

This half term our forest school sessions will be. Tuesday 16th November and Tuesday 22nd November. We will be going on an autumn scavenger hunt, looking at the shape and form of autumn leaves and signs of wildlife in the woodland. We will also be using the Autumn landscape to play physical team games in our woodland. The whole class will make an achievement tree to celebrate anything they feel they have achieved over the last few months.




This half term PE will be on a Monday with Darren he will be completing the unit 'OAA'.  We will be learning to follow simple instructions, take part in running games, copy and perform increasingly complex actions. 

We will also do PE on a Thursday we will be completing a dance unit. We will respond to a range of stimuli. Explore space, direction, levels and speeds and performing with different body parts.

Please come to school in your PE clothes, this ensures that we are able to do a full hour PE session.



This half term we will continue to explore the different seasons. We will specifically look at the changes that happen from Autumn to Winter. We will think about how this affects the trees and the weather. We will think about what changes we have to make to adapt to winter. We will alos think about how animals have to adapt and think about animals that hibernate, migrate and adapt.


Today we had a lovely surprise from Dave at Skip2bfit. We had a great session of both skipping and boxing. The children persevered when skipping, practicing to let better. They developed their teamwork whilst boxing working together to practice their skills and build their stamina. Well Done Year 1


This half term in music we will be focussing on our Christmas production ' Away in a manger'. We will be singing songs with different tempos and learning dances and actions to support these.

If you would like to book a seat please do so by calling the office on 01422 883034


This half term out topis is 'Colour Chaos' we will learn about choosing, using and mixing their own colours to create quality art work that shows progression in skills. The children will have the opportunity to explore the life and work of six key abstract artists and, working primarily in paint, to create pieces in a range of abstract styles. We will look at the work of numerous artists such as- Piet Modrian, Mark Rothko, Paul Klee, Robert Delaunay, Wassily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock.


In music this half term our topic is 'In the groove' We will be listening to 6 different music styles - Blues, baroque, Latin, Irish, Folf and Funk.

We will be finding the pulse, clapping rhythms and singing songs in different syles. We will learn to lay and instrument using 2 notes C and D. We will learn to improvise and compose a simple melody.


This half term our topis is "What does it mean to belng to a church or a mosque?"  They will learn about what it means to belong to a church or mosque.  They will learn what they might see in a mosque or church building, and what the people do when they go there.  They will begin to understand that there are differences and similarities between churches and mosques, but that not all churches or mosques are the same.  They will learn that churches and mosques are special places for the people who go there. Although the planning here is designed around Islam and Christianity, it may be appropriate to extend this to other places of worship, particularly if the class or local community reflects that diversity.



This half term in computing this half term our theme is ‘Creating media- Digital writing’ We will develop understanding of the various aspects of using a computer to create and manipulate text. We will become more familiar with using a keyboard and mouse to enter and remove text. We will also consider how to change the look of their text, and will be able to justify their reasoning in making these changes. We will consider the differences between using a computer to create text, and writing text on paper. They will be able to explain which method they prefer and explain their reasoning for choosing this.

In internet safety our topic is ‘Managing online information’ we will be thinking about simple examples of how to find information using digital technologies, e.g. search engines, voice activated searching. We will know and understand that we can encounter a range of things online including things we like and don’t like as well as things which are real or make believe or a joke. We will also know how to get help from a trusted adult if we see content that makes us feel sad, uncomfortable, worried or frightened.



In PSHCE this half term our topic is ‘It’s My Body’ we will explore choices that children can make about looking after their bodies. The lessons look at key areas where children can make safer choices: their body, sleep and exercise, diet and cleanliness. Children will learn facts about each of these areas and learn strategies to manage them. The message of choice and consent runs through the unit and children are encouraged to get help from trusted adults when necessary.


In PE this half term our theme is ‘Run, jump, throw’ with Darren in this unit we will begin to link running and jumping. We will learn to refine a range of running and develop throwing techniques to throw longer distances. With Miss Shields we will be increasing stamina and core strength. We will work collaboratively on more complex tasks and work to improve strength, balance, agility and coordination.


In DT this half term our topic is ‘moving pictures’ children will learn about mechanisms. We will create our own moving pictures from sections of familiar stories. Following instructions on how to make different types of mechanisms, such as levers, wheels and sliders.


In history this half term our topic will be ‘Toys’ we will learn about popular toys through the 20th century and the early 21st century. We will also think about our favourite toys from today before moving on to look at toys which were popular when their parents and grandparents were children.


This half term in science our topic will be ‘Materials’ we will learn about wood, plastic, metal, water and rock. Children will learn to identify and name everyday materials and will have the opportunity to explore the properties of these materials. Children also will carry out a simple investigation to help them decide which material would be most suitable to use for an umbrella. At the end of the unit children apply their knowledge of everyday materials to sort objects by their properties.

Forest School


This half term forest school will take place Tuesday 1st February and Tuesday 8th February.

We will be using the woodland to inspire imagination. We will think of the woodlqand as a mythical place full of goblins and fairies, creating small scenes out of natural objects for their mythical creatures to play in.

We will choose a teddy to take on their journey through the woodland. They will plan an adventure for their teddies and act out their story using the teddies as props.

Forest school


Forest School

This half term forest school will take place Tuesday 1st February and Tuesday 8th February.

We will be using the woodland to inspire imagination. We will think of the woodlqand as a mythical place full of goblins and fairies, creating small scenes out of natural objects for their mythical creatures to play in.

We will choose a teddy to take on their journey through the woodland. They will plan an adventure for their teddies and act out their story using the teddies as props.

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