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I will try to provide activities and ideas on this page to keep learning while at home. I will try to make these as fun and engaging as possible with a variety of tasks they can do independently and with their families. 


Twinkl- Use the code UKTWINKLHELPS

I have already used a variety of activites from this website whilst at school so your child should be familiar with the content. They have provided some useful home learning packs for each year group.



Discovery Education - Espresso - Coding block 1a and 1b.

See 'SEESAW' for Password and Username.

Code is the language used to instruct computers. It’s simply computer programming to you and me! And there are a range of different programming languages you can use. The aim is to provide children with the skills they need to become good problem solvers and logicall thinkers. 

This is a website that the children have acessed on both computers and IPADS at school so should be fimilar with what is expected of them. There are also video's within each step to instruct you and the children on what to do.



Discovery Education have also unlocked access to the Discovery Education Espresso. Children can access the entire curriculum from home. Their are lots of videos, quizzes and worksheets.


Just Dance- This is another channel with various dance routines on. To kee you active whilst learning at home.



Oxford Owl-  Provides a free eBook collection, developed for all abilitie. This will help your young child learn to read, and love to read. It also provides information on how to support your child when reading.

All the eBooks are tablet-friendly and will be similar to the reading scheme provided at school.


Welcome to Year 1


Corona Virus

Schools will be closing as of Friday 20th March due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We are working hard to keep you updated with any information. Today (Friday) we have just launched the app 'SeeSaw' and provided children with individual log ins. In this app we will be providing home learing tasks, this will also be an opportunity to stay in contact with children and their families through this closure. 

Ed shed- The children should all have their Spelling Shed and Maths Shed usernames and passwords if youe child has lost or forgotten theirs and needs a reminder I can send it over using the SeeSaw app.

Spelling Shed- I will continue to update spelings on spelling shed to allow the children to continue to practice their spellings and also develop their phonics.


Maths Shed- This has lots of interactive games which th children can play on to develop their fluency of different skills.

Number bonds to 10 and 20- https://play.edshed.com/number

Add and subtract through 10 and 20 +


The children have also been practicing counting in 2's 5's and 10's 


Ebooks and audio books- There are over 3000 books available for free for children to access at home. They have books suitable for all ages.



Go Noodle- This is another website that provides various videos, to encourage children to get moving. This also has some yoga available.


BBC School radio- offers a  co-ordinated series that provides a comprehensive Dance resource for KS1 and KS2 PE lessons.  In each series the elements include composingperforming and appraising.


Working in Year 1 this year: Miss Shields, Mrs Greenwood, Miss Thompkins and Miss Harrison



Phonics Play-

USERNAME- march 20

Password- home

This is another website that children will be very familiar with and have used regularly whist at school to support them in their reading and phonics. The children have learnt all sounds from Phase 5a and should spend time recapping the sounds and identifying them in words.

Flash cards-



Tricky words-




There are lots of other games that the children enjoy that allow them to use the sounds in words and sentences. Please feel free to explore.


Joe Wicks otherwise known as the 'Body Coach' has decided to hold live PE lessons form Monday 23rd March 9.00am Monday to Friday to help children continue the PE curriculum whilst learning from home. It is important that we keep moving and stay positive. Exercise is great for helping us feel happier and ready to learn.

The workouts he is providing are aimed specifically for children and paents can get involved too! You dont need any equipment, you just need to have FUN!





BBC Super Movers- This website provides educational video to support active learning for various topics and subjects.


Top Marks- Has some fantastic interactive games for the children to access. This covers a wide range of subects.




In english we are focusing on writing a sentence using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We will also be reading lots of different stories.



In science this half term we will be continuing to observe the changes in the seasons, specifically winter. 


Autumn 2

This half term in science we will continue to observe the changes in weather as we move into the winter season. 

Welcome Back!

The children have had a wonderful first week in class 1. We have been learning the new rules and routines. We have decided on the class aims together to ensure that we all agreed with them. 

We have explored all the different areas in our classroom and have enjoyed finding our new pegs and drawers.




Welcome back 2019-2020

Our first topic this year is 'Wonderful Weather'  We will be exploring the changes in weather and seasons specifically autumn and how it affects us and the world around us. We are hoping to spend lots of time exploring the woodland area in and around school to investigate the many different plants and animals that we may see.

We will also be exploring art that uses natural resources found in the woodland and different artists.


Our PE days will continue to be on Thursdays. Please ensure your child has a named PE kit. This makes it much easier to locate items if they get misplaced.

This half term in art, we will be exploring sculptures using natural materials. we will use clay to build small sculptures. We will collect natural materials from the local area to create our very own land art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. We will also be working as a team to build some large sculptures. We will learn that not all art is permanant. 


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