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Summer 1

This half term in DT we will learn all about different fabrics. We will explore and become familiar with the names of different fabrics and learn how to choose and manipulate fabrics to create different effects; we will also learn how to join fabrics in a variety of ways.  We will then use all our skills to create our own fabric face


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Spring 2

We start back on Monday 8th March with our routines looking the same as they did in the Autumn. Children can start arriving from 8.30am at pour classroom door (coming into the playground through the small gate and parents exiting through the car park so we keep a one way flow of people). All children should have arrived at school by 8.55am. We will be in uniform as normal, except for on Monday's when you need to come in PE kit (warmly dressed as we may be outside for PE).

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In Art this half term we are going to be creating our own city scapes and landscapes looking at different artists and using their work to inspire us.

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September 2020!

Welcome back! This half term will be slightly unusual with new routines and expectations. We will be talking to the children informally about Covid-19 and how this affects us at school. We will be revising some of the Reception onbjectives to consolidate any lockdown learning.




In science our topic is plants we will look at the structure of plants and trees and what they need to grow well. We will  identifying common plants and trees in the garden and in the wild, sorting deciduous and evergreen leaves, and crafting labelled plant collage pictures. We will plant our own bean and observe it closely measuring and recording its growth.

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In maths we will continue to follow the hamilton scheme of work with a big focus on addition and subtraction. We will be identifying any gaps that may have occured throughout our time in lockdown and consolidate prior learning. 

Maths Shed will continue to be updated weekly and we will have weekly KIRF tests to support this.

Our focus for the first few weeks back will be to get everyone settled and happy back into the school routine. Miss Shields, Miss Thompkins and Mrs Ellis can't wait to have everyone back learning and having fun together!

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This half term our history topic is 'Toys' We will be looking at toys from the past and how these have changed.

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In Science we will be looking at 'materials'. We will be investigation different objects deciding what materials they are made from and their properties.

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This week 15th October We have enjoyed getting fit and active during our Skip 2 Be fit session with Dave! The children have loved it and becoming extremely persistant.


This half term in art we will be learning about natural sculptures. We will be looking at sculptures made by Andy Goldworthy and use this as inspiration to create our own. We will be using the resources found in our outside area.

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18th September

This week we celebrated Roald Dahl's Birthday! We enjoyed listening to The Enormous Crocodile and completing some activities.

This half term in Geography we are thinking about different types of weather along with the four seasons. We will investigate hot and cold areas of the world and the impact of weather types. We will observe and record the weather, present their own weather forecasts.

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In English we will be exploring the story Beegu. We will continue to strengthen the building blocks for writing using finger spaces, full stops and capital letters whilst correctly writing sentences. 

We will focus on letter formation ensuring letters are the correct shape and size.

In phonics we will consolidate all sounds in phase 2, 3, 4 and 5 aswell as learning new graphemes for these sounds. We will use our phonic knowledge to develop reading and answer questions about texts we have read.

The staff in year 1 would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone for their support during this last lockdown. It has been very much appreciated and we are looking foward to having all children back in the classroom.



This half term in science our topic is animals including humans. We will be grouping animals according to wether they are a mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile, fish.

We will also be thinking about what they eat and what they look like.

Today we enjoyed using our senses in our science experiment. To test different things.

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Forest School

This week we have enjoyed a sunny forest school session. We have certainly missed our outside learning.

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This half term we will exploring the changes that happen within Autumn! We will be looking at the weather, the clothes that we wear and what happens to the trees. 

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