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Curriculum Information

At Burnley Road Academy We Value

Courage, Compassion, Perseverance and Teamwork

Curriculum Statement 2021-2022


As an academy we strive to provide the highest standards of education in a safe, caring environment where everybody feels welcome and included, respected and valued; and where all achievements are recognised. Above all we want our children to enjoy coming to school and to enjoy learning so that they develop the knowledge and skills that will allow them to live happy and successful lives.

We believe children should develop the core values of: "Courage, Compassion, Perseverance and Teamwork". We intend to deliver a curriculum that develops these values, alongside a a broad range of knowledge and skills; with clearly planned progression in each subject that leads to long term recall and appropriate skills for life in the 21st Century.

We intend to:

  • Develop positive attitudes and values including good manners, tolerance, respect for others and compassion.
  • Encourage good behaviour, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Create a learning culture that recognises the value of courage, ambition, resilience and independence.
  • Teach a broad, balanced curriculum that incorporates all core and non-core subjects.
  • Enrich our curriculum learning through visits, visitors and links with the wider community.
  • Develop knowledge and skills skills necessary for life in the future.
  • Provide knowledge and experiences that lead to good health, physical fitness and an enjoyment of leisure activities.
  • Give responsibility to learners and develop their self-confidence by contributing to the community.
  • Encourage children to try new things, think creatively, find solutions to problems and co-operate with others when part of a team.
  • Encourage our young people to be good citizens who are willing to contribute to their community. 
  • Ensure that every child is encouraged to become the very best they can be and prepared for life beyond primary school.


The curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and within that, choices have been made to suit the needs of our community and develop cultural capital. Subject content was planned and agreed with all teachers before the pandemic. Some elements were taught last year but this is the first year we will deliver it in full. We will continue to evaluate, edit and adapt content as appropriate.  

Prior to the pandemic we endeavoured to provide a range of opportunities for SMSC - Spritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education and a wide variety of extra- curricular activities that supported learning and progress. We are beginning to reintroduce these and hope to return to full capacity by the end of the year. 

Our curriculum is delivered through separate subjects. English and Mathematics are taught every day whilst other subjects are taught weekly. History and Geography units are are taught in alternate half terms. 

Please see the long term plan (pdf below) and the subject tabs on the left for our intentions and provision in each subject. Follow the link below to see the full Primary National Curriculum.



Our academic outcomes are broadly in line with national averages. Our Early Years and Ks1 outcomes are good and Ks2 outcomes are improving, despite the impact of repeated flooding and the pandemic. During Osfted November 2016 it was noted that "effectively planned and well-resourced approaches to teaching and learning support high levels of pupil engagement and concentration. These approaches enable pupils to achieve good levels of attainment and make good progress...children's behaviour is extremely good. They are kind and considerate....consistently polite and courteous."

Further Detail

The subsequent pages provide an overview of the curriculum content we offer. Further details can be found under the subject tabs on the left and in  the half termly newsletters on the class pages of this website. 

Long Term Plan


Years 1-6

In Years 1-6 the curriculum is based on the subjects and resources below. In addition to this, Years 3, 4 and 5 have swimming lessons and Year 3 have Ukulele lessons. Year 4 are part of the school linking network which helps to develop British Values and Respect for All.

Prior to the pandemic we made good use of educational visits/visitors in school to enrich our curriculum. 

See subject tabs on the left for more detail about our curriculum for each subject. 

Schemes of Work/Teaching Resources


Schemes of Work/Example Teaching Resources

Early Reading and Phonics 

We use the DfE validated systematic synthetic phonics scheme Little Wandle to teach the children to read.

Reading Comprehension and Reading for Pleasure.

When children can read by decoding they begin to read a range of other books e.g. Oxford Reading Tree and Project X.

We have regular guided sessions to teach comprehension skills and assess children using Rising Stars.

Adults in each class regularly read stories and non fiction texts to the children so that they understand reading for pleasure as well as information. 

Children are given time to choose books from our main libraries or classroom libraries and read for pleasure.


Teachers plan writing using a range of resources and materials e.g. Power of Reading or Hamilton Trust. We build in lots of opportunities for cross curricular writing. Assessments are made using the statutory frameworks for Year 2 and 6 and locally agreed frameworks for other year groups. 

Spelling and Grammar

Teachers plan their own work supported by a range of resources/planning material e.g. Spelling Shed, Head Start, Nelson and Hamilton Trust.


Teachers plan using the Hamilton Trust scheme. Other resources are used to develop mental agility, problem solving and reasoning. Rising Stars tests are used for summative assessment. 


Teachers plan their own work supported by a range of resources/planning material e.g. Hamilton Trust.

Science is assessed using the Rising Stars assessments.


We use the NCCE scheme of work, Project Evolve and Espresso.

Religious Education

Scheme: The Local Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Kirklees and Calderdale 


Teachers plan their own work supported by a range of resources and planning material e.g. Hamilton Trust.


As above

Art and Design

Design Technology

As above


Children in Year 3 take part in Ukule lessons led by a specialist from the local music hub.

Other teachers follow the Calderdale recommended music scheme Charanga.


We follow a scheme of work called The Hub.


Personal, Social, Health Education is taught in line with the materials from the PSHE association. It incorporates our work on Relationship Sex Education. This is supplement for Year 5 with the help of the school nurse.


We teach Spanish from Years 3-6 using a scheme of work designed by teachers for primary aged children. 

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