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Class 2 2019-20

Cracking Coronavirus Home Learning!

What an interesting new learning challenge we have, Class 2!!! The Year 2 teaching team in school, and you at home. We are looking forward to us working, as the brilliant team we are, to keep you learning and improving during our time apart. You have all done so well this year - let's keep it going!

We have created a list of activities we would like you to do each day. If routine suits you, do them in the order they are listed each day, and take regular breaks. If you work well with things free and flexible, you can do the activities in any order you like, as long as you try to get them done! There is a guide to what you can do for each activity below the timetable. Similar to our homework grids, some things you may only do once, but others you can do lots of times (like Spelling Shed).

Monday - Friday

Get Active


Read for Pleasure



Learn a new skill, or help out at home, or work on a project of your own choice

Enjoy Family time!




Welcome to Class 2. Take a look at our class newsletter to find out about some of the things we are going to be doing.

Forest School Reminder

Forest School is due to start on Tuesday 24th September 2019.

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