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Welcome to Year 2 2018-19

Welcome to 2019!!

We are now in our second term of Year 2 - how the time is flying!

Our first topic this term is What is Around Me, and it's a Geography and Science based topic. In Science, we will be looking at materials; identifying what materials things are made from, and what the properties of different materials are. In Geography, we will be looking at our local area; identifying features & reading and drawing maps.

In Maths, we will be building on our multiplication and division skills, and applying them to solve problems, identifying fractions of shape and number, telling the time, as well as tackling maths investigations. We'll be consolidating our addition and subtraction skills, making totals in money, looking at different units of measurement, and learning about directional language. We also have our weekly KIRFs tests on Thursday mornings, focusing on doubles and halves to 20 this half term. What a lot going on!

In English, we will be doing a Power of Reading book, which will give rise to lots of writing. We will also be learning different aspects of grammar and doing our weekly spelling tests. We will be doing more reading comprehension work this half term as this is a vital skill to be developed by the end of Year 2. You can help your child by asking them questions about their reading book when they have read to you. A few children will continue to work on phonics, but our main focus is now spelling patterns and correct spelling. Children will also be doing individual reading and guided reading in groups.

Below are some useful links to activities which support Year 2 learning.




Forest School

We really enjoyed our forest school activities on Tuesday mornings last term. We have a few more sessions coming up, so will need wellies and warm coats in school.

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