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Term Two Already! Spring 2018

Our first term has whizzed by and the children have settled in brilliantly. They are already making good progress and the Year Two team are very impressed with their hardworking attitude.


Our first topic this term is History based, all about The Great Fire of London. It's a really interesting topic, which we're sure the children will really enjoy. We will be History detectives finding out all about the key events and people involved, and writing news reports and diaries. We'll also be designing our own Tudor houses.

In Maths, we will continue to work towards achieving the Year 2 expectations, and will be covering different areas of mathematics, including fractions and time. Both of these areas are often tricky for children in Year 2, so if you get the chance to do some extra work at home with them, it would be great if you could practise finding halves and quarters and telling the time. Spring 1 KIRFS have been sent home on the back of the newsletter. 

Some of our English work will be based on Lemony Snicket's book called The Dark. We will also be doing lots of work around spelling, reading comprehension and grammar. Homework this term will reflect this.

In Science we will be finding out about different materials, including metal, wood, glass, plastic, paper, rock, fabric and bricks. We will be thinking about why everyday objects are made from certain materials e.g. why a toddler cup is made out of plastic.

PE on Mondays will be dance, based on The Great Fire of London and on Fridays we will be Games.

Forest Activities will begin week beginning 5th February. 


Welcome to Year 2 2017-18

Welcome to Year 2!!

The teachers in Year 2 are Mrs. Timson and Mrs. Knapper. Mrs Kelly is the teaching assistant and Mrs Alderson, Miss Jones and Miss Fidgeon are support assistants.

Our first topic this year is You Are What You Eat. It is a Science based topic where we will be finding out about baby animals (including humans), life cycles, healthy eating and exercise.

In Maths, we will be building on our place value skills, improving our recall of number bonds and using them to solve problems, as well as tackling maths investigations. We'll be improving our addition and subtraction skills, learning about different coins and making totals in money, measuring in centimetres, learning about directional language and counting in 10s and 2s, ready to move onto multiplication and division. What a busy half term!

In English, we will be reading and writing stories in familiar settings, reading and writing information texts relating to animals and looking at different types of poetry. We will also be learning different aspects of grammar and doing our weekly spelling tests. Some children will continue to work on phonics, but for most we will be moving the focus onto spelling patterns. Children will also be doing individual reading and guided reading in groups.



Below are some useful links to activities which support Year 2 learning.




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