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Courage, Compassion, Perseverance and Teamwork

Our Forest Activities

For a while, we have been working on developing intergrating forest activities into our curriculum to give our children the chance to learn together outside of the classroom. Burnley Road Academy is very lucky to have such beautiful woodlands on our site and wanted to help our pupils have a greater understanding and respect for nature.

We developed a plan to offer ALL our children the experience that Forest Activities could offer, knowing that they would benefit greatly.

January has seen our trial period of these activities, co-ordinated by Mrs Hutchinson, a qualified teacher and Outdoor Learning Practitioner, the children have been having weekly sessions out in our woodland doing all sorts of activities including: exploring insect habitats, creating crafts using natural materials, building shelters and homes for animals and humans, designing structures to withhold natural forces and much much more.

How pupils benefit

Through taking part in these activities, pupils will benefit by:

  • Improved social skills- it can be less intimidating environment than the classroom setting, opportunities for teamwork
  • Numerous health benefits
  • Increased creativity through practical tasks
  • Well-being, being outside creates a positive mental attitude and a change in scenery improves focus when back in the classroom
  • Confidence improved as learning outside carries more risk and they learn to push their boundaries and become good at risk assessment
  • Caring and sensitive tpwars nature and respect for their own environment and community setting.

The children seem to have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions so far and have been very enthusiastic within each session.

At the end of this run of sessions, we will evaluate and plan on how we can take these forest activity sessions into the the future and offer even more chances for our children's education to be enriched further.

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