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Burnley Road Academy 1879 - Current Day

At Burnley Road Academy, we provide an exciting and thought provoking History curriculum. we aim to engage and encourage children to ask questions, lead their own learning and explore ways to develop their historyknowledge and skills.

The curriculum will inform children of past historical events and significant people, which will allow them to understand how people have changed the world. Teaching is stimulating, personal and provides the children with life skills such as empathy, independence and questioning skills.

History is part of our 3D curriculum and therefore has links across other subjects. From ourt whole school curriculum, we have unit overviews fro history, which give the basis of the unit sequence, objectives, concepts and vocabulary. To assess the children's knowledge and content of our curriculum, we use cumalitive quizzes throughout the unit. see below for an example of a cumulative quiz and unit overview. 

Intent, Implementation & Impact Statement

Example unit overview and example cumulative quiz

Policy, Long Term Plan, Skills Progression and Knowledge Mats

Cultural Capital in History

‘It is the essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.’

Ofsted School Inspection Handbook 2019

History is a subject that lends itself well to development of cultural capital. Teachers deliver engaging history lessons which provide links to the past in the children's local and wider community. The curriculum incorporates significant historical eras from Britain's past and how those various historical eras link with other civilisations around the world. 

The school is fortunate to be surrounded by a rich and abundant historical environment, Ted Hughes, The Cragg Coiners, The Piece Hall, The Halifax Gibbet for example, which makes the study of local history particularly stimulating.



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